Partner, Strategic Development

Max Cerilli


Max comes to CFG after 4 years working with a National Group Insurance firm. Over the years, Max has helped nearly 100 Canadian businesses get the advice and direction needed on their benefit plans so that they can continue to take care of their most important investment, their people.

Max comes from a background where he’s done it all, from years of construction, working on the railroad and everything in between. He has vast experience with individuals from many industries and from all walks of life, this allows a true understanding of the people he works with in a daily basis.

With his spare time, Max loves watching his beloved Winnipeg Jets, watching just about every NFL game (cheering for the Bengals) and doing anything he can to satisfy his lifelong automotive passion. However, the absolute most important things in the world to him are his mom, dad, brother, his wonderful girlfriend, Hunter, and their French Bulldog, Ella.