Meet the experts shaping Covello’s vision

Discover the essence of Covello Financial Group by meeting the people propelling our mission forward. 

Each team member represents a unique facet of our dedication to creating enduring value through transparency.

Who We Are

At Covello Financial Group, we are a collective force of dedicated professionals, each driven by a passion for delivering impactful solutions. 

What defines us is not just our expertise in insurance but our determined commitment to being true business partners. 

We are your architects of success, tirelessly striving to navigate the financial landscape with precision, purpose, and a dedication to your prosperity.

Our Core Values

At Covello, integrity drives our client and supplier interactions, fostering trust and accountability. We prioritize lasting relationships, ensuring a client-focused approach that goes beyond insurance, and we embrace a culture of continuous learning to stay at the forefront of industry changes.

Meet the Team

John Covello

President & CEO

Michael St. Croix

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Wirth

SVP - National Sales Distribution

Tracey Kerslake

SVP - Operations

Amanda Kerslake

Director of Client Experience

Bonnie Wirth

Director of Group Customer Service

Andrew Clark

Director of Business Development

Susie Dodge

Financial Controller

Jonathan Bailey

Manager, Client Relations

Nicole Konieczny

Partner, Strategic Development

Mike Konieczny

Partner, Strategic Development

Max Cerilli

Partner, Strategic Development

Maris Fardoe

Partner, Strategic Development

Tanner Dillon

Partner, Strategic Development

Scott Sullivan

Partner, Strategic Development

Dustin Mauro

Partner, Strategic Development

Colten Rasmussen

Independent Financial Security Advisor

Daniel Potenza

Independent Financial Security Advisor

Emma Covello

Business Development & Special Projects

Ben Peters

Business Development & Special Projects

Rob Poapst

Independent Strategic Consultant

Bill Covello

Office Manager

Our Service Division

Rob Veito

HQ Benefit Solutions


Kevin Hawryluk

HQ Benefit Solutions


Kimberley Marnock

HQ Benefit Solutions

Director of Client Service

Melanie Brass

HQ Benefit Solutions

Director of Education & Training

Coralee Gendron

HQ Benefit Solutions

Policy Analyst

Jamie Hoard

HQ Benefit Solutions

Customer Service Representative

Community Impact: Enriching Lives Beyond Insurance

Covello Financial Group is committed to making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve. 

Through philanthropy, volunteerism, and socially responsible initiatives, we strive to create a positive impact that extends far beyond the realm of insurance, enriching lives and fostering a brighter future for all.